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About Us

Kit Ellis

A 20 year veteran of the video game industry, Kit has extensive experience working with publishers and developers of all shapes and sizes. Most recently Kit was the Director of Social Marketing, Influencer Relations and Original Content at Nintendo of America, and has also worked at Bandai Namco Entertainment, Konami Digital Entertainment and TriplePoint Communications. At Nintendo, Kit helped to drive unprecedented growth and engagement on social media channels, launch innovative new programming on owned channels and establish an entirely new creator program. Deeply involved in nearly every Nintendo hardware launch and AAA game release for over a decade, Kit also oversaw all marketing efforts for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and was the North American lead in establishing Nintendo Direct. Together, Kit & Krysta created the Nintendo Minute video series which they hosted for over eight years. They currently release an independent weekly podcast and video series and manage a social media footprint with a reach of over 200k. 

Krysta Yang

A 15 year veteran of the video game industry, Krysta has held a variety of roles at Nintendo of America. Most recently, she was the Sr. Manager of Creator Relations and Original Content where she developed a robust paid and earned creator marketing program from the ground up. She also launched a variety of original content initiatives including an Instagram channel dedicated to reaching women - growing the channel to over 120K followers in less than six months. Throughout her career at Nintendo she’s also led several high profile communications campaigns including the launch of Nintendo Switch, driving significant media coverage and social conversation for the product. Krysta was also the global marketing lead for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, overseeing all marketing efforts for the game. Together, Kit & Krysta created the Nintendo Minute video series which they hosted for over eight years. They currently release an independent weekly podcast and video series and manage a social media footprint with a reach of over 200k. 

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Launching a new product is hard, and requires an integrated brand strategy where all the components of your marketing mix are on the same page and working together. We can help you build out a cohesive strategy which will clearly outline your plan and keep all your marketing teams aligned as you march toward launch.

Social Marketing

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to get the most out of your existing social media channels, let us help you put together a winning strategy for what platforms to be on, how you should approach content for each, what your brand voice should sound like and how to engage with your audience.

Creator Relations

Content creators are consistently listed by consumers as one of their most trusted sources of information on what products to buy. Are you getting the most out of this valuable group from a paid and earned perspective? Let us share our experience and expertise as content creators and marketers with you so that you can start getting authentic, entertaining and persuasive content from the right creators for your product. 

Media Relations

Are you engaging with the right media to get the best coverage for your games? Are you having trouble keeping up with the constantly evolving media landscape? Let us put together a plan for you that will maximize coverage, key message pull through and build lasting relationships with influential journalists across a range of outlets. 

Content Production

Do you have a great content idea that you are struggling to bring to life? Let us help you refine your idea so it can be as sharp and unique as possible and give you the tools you need to launch it, sustain it and use it to grow your audience. Do you have a great product but are struggling with how to tell its story through content? We’ve got you covered there too. 

Platform Expertise

Nobody has more experience than us when it comes to launching games on Nintendo platforms, and we are also experts in launching games on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and more. Let us shape your strategy based on your platform plan to get the most out of digital storefronts and first party relationships while communicating about your game in a way that will resonate most with that platform's audience.  

Media Training

Whether you are speaking to the media or sharing an important update with your community, it's important to be able to communicate in a way that is clear, to the point and elevates the key messages for your game. As former Nintendo spokespeople, we can turn you into experts who make the most out of every public-facing opportunity. 

Career Coaching

As former managers of employees and teams, we know how to put everyone in a position to succeed and do their best work. We will work with you to develop a plan for your team or individual employees to help them build good working habits, grow into new roles, communicate effectively with senior leadership and gain the confidence they need to be successful. 


Geoff Keighley 

CEO, The Game Awards, Inc.

I've worked closely with Kit and Krysta on complex high visibility projects. Their strong partnership and ability to flawlessly navigate rapid changes resulted in iconic moments and reveals. Their diverse skill sets and experiences would be an asset to any company who works with them.

Reggie Fils-Aime 

Former President & COO of Nintendo of America

Kit and Krysta worked under my leadership for over 10 years at Nintendo of America.  During that time, they successfully launched countless products and led innovative, high profile integrated marketing initiatives. Kit and Krysta's strengths highlight their ability to focus on the big picture while also paying attention to the small but important details. Their strategic thinking and flawless execution drove significant results for Nintendo during their tenure.

Peer Schneider 

Chief Creative Officer, IGN

Kit and Krysta are true video game marketing experts who are in the unique position of having worked on both sides of the publishing and media circuit. I've long been impressed by their thoughtful approach and the level of care and attention the duo puts into everything they do. With their deep industry knowledge and fresh ideas, Kit and Krysta are a top choice for any company looking to take their work in marketing to new heights.

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